“I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in a few of Don’s workshops and I have yet to be disappointed. Don brings together the right models, the right locations, and shares his invaluable knowledge with everyone. His workshops are always inspiring and always full of energy.”


“Great workshops – high energy, lots of good examples and information, and some food and drink. Don keeps things moving along, reviewing everyone’s shots and making improvements and suggestions. Numerous alternate sets to try out and experiment with.”


“Don conducts the best workshop I’ve experienced to date. Incredible instruction with a laid back style and tempo. Provides brutally honest feedback necessary for progress. I’ll definitely join another soon.”


“I had my first workshop experience with Don this weekend in Dallas and it was amazing. Aside from the knowledge and valuable practice, I was most impressed by how much FUN we had! Met a lot of cool people, interacted with gorgeous and talented models, and learned new techniques I can’t wait to incorporate into my own work. I would definitely recommend one of his workshops for photographers of all levels of skill. Even if you have no idea what you’re doing, or you’re already snapping killer images you’ll love this experience. I’m already figuring out when I can go again.”


“I had an awesome time at the Dallas workshop. Don is a great instructor that will push you to improve. You will learn new tricks, have fun doing it and walk away with killer shots. I’m going to have trouble picking that ONE! Looking forward to the next workshop.”


“I’ve done a number of workshops with Don, both in studio and on location (my house in fact). He is a master at lighting and model interaction!! Very laid back environment and easy to learn from him, trust me, I need SLOW instruction! Thanks for everything, Don!”


“Definitely one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had. Tons of shooting, tons of interaction, and most importantly tons of takeaway. Don’t ever pass up the chance to attend one of these workshops!”


“I have owned my photography business for almost 4 years now and had decided this year I wanted to specialize in boudoir.  Last summer was a breaking point. My business was not where I wanted it. I was tired of working all the time. My photography was getting closer but just not there. I had been following Don Hales for over a year and was in love with his work.  I booked my workshop for October 2016.  It was a life changer.  He helped me perfect the skills I already had and learn a LOT of things I didn’t know.

Literally, the week I got home, my business changed for the better. I signed a lease for a studio and my business has exploded because of the images I was now able to produce.  I know for a fact it wouldn’t have happened without Don’s help, and my business has paid for that workshop over and over in just 3 months. My schedule is booked almost solid through April and it is JUST January. Thank you so much! I owe not giving up to you!”