Photography Workshops

Over the past few years teaching photography workshops has played a key role with my success as a photographer.  As much as I love to shoot, helping others improve their photography has now become an equal love of mine.

Along with the group classes that I host, I also offer private classes (half day, full day, 2 day and 3 day), 3 month mentorships and my newly introduced 6 week Academy.  This new academy is a 6 week course spread over 2-3 months.  Each 3 hour class involves something different each and every time.  Topics may cover lighting, posing, business, retouching, etc. On the 6th and final session each participant is required to demonstrate a photo shoot in it’s entirety. Starting with pre-consultation, set design, wardrobe selection, actual shoot, post-consultation and finally, retouching.   I recently finished my first trial academy in November and I am currently halfway through my 2nd round (Academy 2.o). I must say that I couldn’t be happier with the results!  Each photographer has demonstrated drastic improvement from the time that I met them!

Below are some example “before and afters” from some of my previous clients.

Boudoir by Tracy Brown

I first met Tracy back in October of 2016 when she flew out from St. Louis to partake in a 2 Day private class with me. Within those 2 days, we went over lighting, posing, retouching and business practices. Tracy’s photography skills have not only sky rocketed, but her business is now booming! I couldn’t be prouder!  Since then, I’ve had the honor of working with her again in St. Louis as Tracy was able to provide me with her studio for my first-ever St. Louis workshop.  And I must say…. Awesome studio! The both of us will be together again soon as we co-host a group workshop next month in St. Louis.  Can’t wait! Be sure to check her work out at www.boudoirbytracybrown.com!


Images by Scott

Scott has attended a private workshop, Academy 1.0 and current Academy 2.0.

before and after don hales photography workshops

Rob Walker Photography

Rob has attended a private workshop, Academy 1.0 and a currently enrolled in a mentorship program.

before and after don hales photography workshops

I am incredibly honored to witness these photographers and everyone else that has attended a class as they become complete badasses! Keep up the great work everyone!  Be on the look out for a new “before and after” gallery in the workshop section of my website. For those that are interested in a private workshop or the upcoming Academy 3.0, please get in touch with me!

You can learn more about my photography workshops in the “photographer” section of my website.



  • Tracy Brown
    Jan 27th, 2017 - 11:24 am - REPLY

    Photographers, I highly recommend a 2 day workshop with Don Hales! You won’t regret it! It will change your photography career!

    • donhales
      Jan 27th, 2017 - 11:28 am - REPLY

      You rock Tracy! See you next month!